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The leading cause of breakdowns

Do you know what the leading cause of breakdowns is? We'll give you a hint: it's failure of the cooling system.


The good news is that with regular cooling system checks, you can avoid these issues. Bring your vehicle to Craig's Auto Service and let us perform regular radiator flushes and system checks to assure you're safe on the road.

Work with ASE-certified master mechanics who can diagnose and repair all your vehicle issues.

Call us right away to get your written estimate.


A cooling system check is affordable, fast, and can prevent costly repairs down the line. Let us pressurize your system to check for leaks, test your engine block, visually inspect for coolant leaks, check your radiator hoses, water pump and belts, and inspect both your thermostat and your cooling fan.


If repairs or replacements are needed, Craig's Auto Service will give you a written estimate before we start the work.

Is your cooling system up to the challenge?

While you can get great radiator and water pump service at Craig's Auto Service, you can also visit us for a wide range of other automotive needs.


Call us today to schedule your regular maintenance, to have your emissions checked, to repair or replace your brakes, and much more!

You can visit us for a variety of auto needs

Cooling system checks include:

· Pressurizing the cooling system

· Checking for leaks

· Performing an engine block test

· Visually inspecting for coolant leaks

· Checking all radiator hoses

· Checking the water pump

· Checking the belts

· Inspecting the thermostat

· Inspecting the cooling fan